4 ways that temporary staff add to your bottom line during an acquisition

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to take on an interim accountancy contractor during an acquisition. Often a finance department will be under a great deal of pressure as a result of an acquisition. Perhaps your business is undergoing significant change or restructure, is undertaking a large project, or has […]

The 5 simple strategies for retaining your finance team

Employers face many challenges in the modern market, but one of the greatest is finding, and then keeping, excellent employees. Staff retention is essential for forging a stable, effective team, and building a strong foundation for your business, but it can be very tricky. If you’re constantly having to replace employees, and you’re repeatedly feeling […]

Dan Chiou Case Study

At BTG, we place ambitious accountants and finance staff into exciting roles with some of the best employers in the business. We are a niche consultancy operating in the accountancy and finance industry and we recruit for a broad range of roles, including Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, Ledger Managers and Management Accountants. Our recruitment team […]

6 reasons why your finance career is going nowhere

With recent and up coming technological, political and economic changes, a career in accounting is set to become more and more diverse and opportunities to work for exciting companies are going to soar. But for many accountants, it’s easy to feel like your position and career have gone stagnant. That’s a massive shame and means […]

How good is your current finance team?

Building a credible finance team is vital to corporate business success. However, a survey by business advisory company Gartner (formerly CEB) has revealed that too many finance teams demonstrate weaknesses in the area of critical technical competencies. Click Here to see the Webinar: The Critical Capabilities For Your Finance Team.   Gartner itself has defined five […]

Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways To Simplify Your New Reporting System

After a period of business change – whether it be a new acquisition, fresh investment or restructure, there tends to be an associated requirement for new management reporting capabilities. Very often this requirement is focused around the need to provide greater visibility on business cash flow, cash movements, operational costs, individual cost centres and so […]

Are your finance skills being fully used?

You’ve worked hard for your accountancy qualifications, you’re diligent in your job, you always give your best, and you’re determined to do whatever it takes to climb the ladder within your organisation to the pinnacle of Finance Director. And yet you’re left with the feeling that your abilities are, at best, not fully utilised and […]

6 ways to maintain a motivated finance team during a restructure

A corporate restructure can be a difficult period for organisational staff. Typically, these kind of change programmes have a number of deliverables but one key underpinning goal – to rightsize the business to deliver more effectively on its strategy and to free up investment by cutting the cost base to create a leaner, more effective […]

Why new finance super stars won’t join your company

Having the best financial professionals on board is key to an organisation’s success. Every company wants to hire the rising stars of the industry, those with the potential to guide a firm to the next level and beyond, but not every organisation can get them. Why is your company missing out? The offer If highly […]