Are you satisfied with your accountancy career?


If you believe you would like a change in your accountancy career, perhaps it is time to push yourself a little further out of your comfort zone. Are you satisfied with your accounting career? If the answer is no, it may be time to look for opportunities elsewhere or in a new role. If you are in need of help and advice on how to put an accounting CV together or specific interview questions you may be asked, we are here to assist at BTG Recruitment.

CV tips for experienced accountancy job roles

State your qualifications

Always ensure that you have depicted which qualifications you have in accountancy. Employers will be keen to discover how many exams you have passed and the types of exams you have undertaken in order to prove that you have the academic knowledge behind your accounting skills. State whether you hold a university degree, as well as the institution you studied at. Other qualifications may include certificates and diplomas in the field. The name of institutions could stand you in good stead, for example, ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Tailor each CV to the job role

Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may need to make tweaks within your CV that relate to the specific company and role. Ensure that your application addresses each of the key points within the application to prove that you are the most suitable candidate and draw upon your specific skillset. Skills to add to your CV may include corporate tax, financial statements, interest calculations, revenue projections, etc. Consider where your strengths lie.

Use figures

If you have any business successes you wish your prospective employer to know about, make sure you state them. Other figures to include could be company turnovers, the size of the team you managed, time spent on particular tasks and any deadlines you had to meet. Describing how you put the controls in place to achieve and manage these figures is what the potential employee may be looking for.

Typical interview questions for the experienced accountant

If you’re through to the interview process, there are typical questions you will be asked to respond to in detail. Examples may include:

– How have you managed to reduce risks within your work?

As a qualified, experienced accountant, you should have a great deal of knowledge about how you have managed to minimise any risks. Small risks can lead to greater financial crisis. State any examples where you have managed tasks and focus on how you are highly organised and in control.

– Have you ever managed to reduce costs?

Any company appreciates the reduction of costs in any possible way and may earn you a great deal of credibility. Describe an example of how you would save costs to show your way of working.

How do you see yourself progressing?

– If you have a specific goal or career path you hope to achieve within accounting, express your ambitions in order to demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards the new role. A solid plan expresses motivation and how this position could be beneficial to you.

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