Sometimes, the grass is actually greener!


Have you ever done something, really, really out of your comfort zone? I’m talking about taking a huge leap of faith and trusting your gut, I have!

I made a move, just as many of us recruiters in this incestuous market and money orientated rat race have done, I changed jobs. But, I didn’t just switch roles, I altered my career.
I’m writing to talk to you about what it is really like to work for a business that not only you enjoy working for but that legitimately value you. A business that is encouraging of thought provoking individuals and a business that will never stop growing.

I started my recruitment career just three short years ago working for a relatively successful business, somewhat “wolf of wall street” style which wasn’t a great fit for me. When I was looking for that next step, I thought, what could have been better than a global brand, a business that operates out of the heart of the city in shiny offices with successful consultants. Unfortunately, I was welcomed with a nice desk and a posh phone but not a huge amount else. I was lost, totally out of my depth with no clue how to do the fundamentals of the recruitment role I had been successfully picked for.

I became frustrated, knowing I should be doing more, I was capable of excellence and I was settled into a life of mediocrity. I wanted to be the best & to work for the best. I wanted to believe in my manager, my brand, my team. So I left, again. I started to wonder if recruitment was for me! Left with this sinking feeling after being a small fish in well, an ocean!
I made the move, swearing if I couldn’t make it work this time, I was done. Low and behold, the grass is actually greener!

I came to BTG.
From day dot, I had the training required to eventually work with complete autonomy within a role that asked me to focus on quality. A desk that required strategy. A team that couldn’t be more supportive. Gone were the days of picking up the phone “because I said so…” or to appease some KPI’s that you never really believed in anyway.
I have found myself, each day, winning clients that I could never have dreamt of working with because I was a junior consultant in a room of people who had more seniority and tenure.
Most importantly, filling more vacancies and placing more candidates than the industry norm on a monthly basis.
I have seen my team grow and grow, more than doubling in size in the first 12 months of working here. I have learnt skills and been given opportunities to lead tender processes and PSL pitches, successfully, as well as running training sessions for the wider business.
I work with a team that celebrate one another’s successes and work hard to keep BTG growing and keep our brand developing. So naturally, it means we enjoy a beer or 2 to celebrate or even, just because we enjoy each others company.
I want to progress. I want development and as I mentioned, I want only the best. That’s why, I’m still here, still growing, and still enjoying everyday wondering what else is on the horizon.
If you feel frustrated, or unheard, or even just that your talents are not being used effectively I couldn’t speak highly enough of what moving to an SME did for my performance, confidence and happiness.
BTG’s doors are currently open and looking for people who want to unlock their full potential and join one of Manchester’s fastest growing recruitment businesses! If you’re wondering if the grass is greener and you’re ready for the next step in your career give us a call on 0161 214 3840 to discuss some of our current opportunities.

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