Why new finance super stars won’t join your company


Having the best financial professionals on board is key to an organisation’s success. Every company wants to hire the rising stars of the industry, those with the potential to guide a firm to the next level and beyond, but not every organisation can get them. Why is your company missing out?

The offer

If highly desirable candidates are not applying for your company’s vacancies it could be that you are not offering a sufficiently attractive package. You may need to work closely with your HR and finance teams to assess what your vacancy is up against. Obviously a competitive salary is a key factor in any employment offer but don’t forget other features which attract candidates, including performance related bonuses, home working and flexible hours. Don’t underestimate the appeal of development opportunities and the chance to do something new, particularly to these motivated individuals. Assess available jobs which are most similar to yours from the position of your ideal candidate. What are they offering that you aren’t? If you would choose to apply for other positions over yours, why would they be any different?


If you are confident that your offer is competitive, it could be that the job is not being advertised effectively to attract the people you really want. Does your company use the same old publications or websites? Is the strong package on offer being clearly displayed in all advertisements in different formats? Do the adverts look professional? Are you using social media to its best effect?

Consider the benefits of working with specialist recruitment agencies to access the right candidates. The best know where and how to advertise for target audiences and can make the most efficient use of your budget to get your job in front of the type of people you most want to see it.

Making the connections

Top people can be tricky to recruit. They often have excellent sector networks, online and in everyday life. Moving between jobs can become more a matter of having the ‘inside track’ to the new firm, someone advocating the role and the company and then actively supporting and advising them at every stage of the recruitment process. Can you encourage your finance team, and indeed other teams in your organisation, to forge and maintain similar connections, particularly online? Social networking on sites like LinkedIn is quick and easy, but attendance at conferences and events is another way to build key relationships. If your team has a rapport with peers in the sector, they are more able to flag upcoming job opportunities to their social network and work with potential candidates to encourage them to actually apply.

At BTG Recruitment we specialise in accountancy and finance recruitment. We work solely with employers like you who are looking to secure high-calibre candidates for interim, fixed or long-term roles. To see how we could help your company’s finance team attract bright, effective individuals, get in touch today.
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