3 (Easy) Ways to Become a Better Financial Controller

A financial controller is one of the most important positions when leaders start building credible finance teams. Without a financial controller, managing the company’s finances would be much harder. If you’re a financial controller in a business, then you want to ensure you’re maximising your value. There are so many ways that you can improve […]

How Successful Financial Controllers Get Promoted?

In the accounting world, financial controllers are the technicians working at the top of the corporate pyramid, just below the CFO or finance director. Typically, they are the pulse of everything ‘finance’ within the organisation. Their tasks range from preparing financial reports to forecasting future earnings and expenses. So, armed with industry expertise and experience, […]

Top Tips For Successful Financial Career Management

Career management is an essential skill for anybody wanting to achieve success and fulfillment within the accounting sector. Successful career management entails planning and working to obtain new skills, capabilities and experiences to ensure continued development and the creation of niche roles within organisations. It’s a good idea to share career growth goals with managers […]

Financial Team Dynamics Under Pressure

If there is one thing you can be certain of in today’s business world, it is that nothing stays the same. Which means every day is an adventure in managing change and trying to stay one step ahead. Any accountancy or financial team player needs to be constantly alert to see change. Which is why […]

Overcoming the biggest challenges facing today’s finance directors

The role of finance director has changed radically over the past few years. This is not only due to economic instability and evolving technologies, but also thanks to the shifting attitudes in society and how they impact business. Nowhere has this shift been felt more keenly than within accountancy and finance recruitment. We have witnessed […]

4 qualities of forward facing financial teams

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where everyone is inspired and energised until the numbers person speaks? Rightly or wrongly, not everyone gets excited by balance sheets and financial projections. In fact, creatives and production personnel may possibly glaze over as soon as the statistics and analytics take centre stage. This is […]

Accountancy and the Science of Influence

What do you know about the Science of Influence? If the answer is “not a lot,” then you need to listen to this as it affects the world of business more than any other and if you’re not armed, you’re vulnerable…. Recruitment and the Science of Influence Accountancy may concern primarily the nuts and bolts […]

The hidden value in using a temporary finance systems expert

Organisations are increasingly moving towards more productivity, efficiency and transparency in their finance processes. Many companies are moving away from manual financial processes to increased automation through the use of analytics software and various cloud-based technology. At the core of this trend is the desire for better quality data which is available on demand to […]

Financial Directors: “conscious guardians” of business growth?

Much has been written about the way in which FDs and accountancy teams have changed their roles. Largely due to the emergence of financial automation. Cloud computing and the power of Big Data has given them the tools to manage many of the more mundane processes. And technological and analytical advancement has also provided FDs […]

4 simple strategies to reduce workplace stress and boost your team’s morale

Stress is the scourge of the modern workplace. In the UK alone it is estimated that 13 million working days are lost annually to stress. Stress impacts on office morale, performance, concentration and productivity, and many companies have faced lawsuits due to stress-related illnesses. This is bad news for new managers who are building teams, […]

Top tips for building a high performing finance team

Top tips for building a high performing finance team Building a great business means focusing on every core element that makes up your organisation. One of the sometimes less-appreciated parts of your business will be the finance team who, in many ways, keep the back-end of the company running efficiently. As such, if you are […]

How to make the transition from manager to leader

There seems to be a big misunderstanding nowadays between the difference of being a great manager and being a great leader. Being a great leader means people want to follow you and support your vision and goals, but being a manager doesn’t necessarily mean you are a great leader. Instead, you need to develop certain […]

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