The hidden value in using a temporary finance systems expert


Organisations are increasingly moving towards more productivity, efficiency and transparency in their finance processes. Many companies are moving away from manual financial processes to increased automation through the use of analytics software and various cloud-based technology. At the core of this trend is the desire for better quality data which is available on demand to support better decision-making.

Cybercrime has also created some risks to financial processes, such that it is more important than ever before that businesses utilise advanced technology to ensure the security and effective management of all their finances.

It also goes without saying that Brexit has made it particularly important for businesses to ensure that their financial systems and processes are robust enough to support them through any uncertainties that the process of leaving the European Union may present.

This is where a temporary finance system expert can offer real value to your business. A temporary finance system expert is effectively a suitably qualified contractor who you recruit for a short period of time, usually to fulfil a specific business need.

With the move towards digitalisation, the risks cybercrime raises and uncertainties of Brexit, we set out three particular ways a temporary finance expert can add value to your business.

Expertise when you need it the most

You may have identified that you require expertise in a particular area, either to implement a complete overhaul or upgrade of your systems or perhaps you just need some additional resources to support your existing systems on a temporary basis.

Temporary systems experts are usually experts in their chosen fields and can hit the ground running, contributing to projects and providing immediate relief if you are under-resourced. Contractors bring valuable expertise to a project, saving you the time and resources you would have incurred training less experienced staff.

Flexibility for your business

A temporary finance systems expert is the perfect solution to assist you in times of political or economic uncertainties where you may not want to commit to a permanent employee until you can fully assess the impact developments in the economy will have on your business and industry.

A new perspective

What you also get with a temporary Finance Contractor is a qualified person who comes with fresh eyes, as they are new to your company and your processes. As a result, they are able to quickly identify issues with your systems that you may have become blind to and offer a new perspective – this can only be a good thing.

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