Top Tips For Successful Financial Career Management


Career management is an essential skill for anybody wanting to achieve success and fulfillment within the accounting sector. Successful career management entails planning and working to obtain new skills, capabilities and experiences to ensure continued development and the creation of niche roles within organisations. It’s a good idea to share career growth goals with managers or directors in order to work in partnership to broaden expertise and experiences and achieve the desired role within the business.

Tips For Career Growth and Development

Most individuals tend not to think much about career growth, other than about their current position and any likely opportunities for promotion. It’s more relevant to broaden horizons and look for development opportunities and expansion outside the workplace as well as within the role. In general, workers in the accounting sector find it more difficult to access different jobs the higher they progress within the organisation, as roles become more scarce, increasingly sector and skills set specific.

Adding value to a finance and accounting career then becomes a case of increasing skills and experience by working in different fields. Job shadowing other employees is one way to learn about different jobs and add skills and expertise which will be valued within the current job, and will add richness and depth to any CV. Another solution might be to ask for a work mentor from a different departments or other areas of finance to add value to current experience and develop a greater understanding of the whole business, perhaps leading to lateral moves within the organisation. Offering to develop a works book club or knowledge repository is another way to enhance team building within the workplace and increase business awareness that will add value to any career.

Managing Your Career in the Finance and Accounts Sector Means Being Proactive and Following These Simple Tips May Help:

1. Decide on goals for the future and make plans to achieve these targets.

2. Develop a timeline of goals and milestones and actively encourage your manager or mentor to become involved in helping you reach these career milestones.

3. Enrol on the company career development programmes, if available, and register for any appropriate training or classes that will help enhance knowledge.

4. Learn to identify problems that face your organisation and volunteer solutions to help fix these. Implementing solutions increase your visibility within the business and helps
establish your reputation as a problem solver.

5. Stay in touch with the Human Resources department on a regular basis to learn all about career development and upcoming job opportunities.

6. Maintain momentum and commit to continual skills building and the gaining of added experiences.

Committing to planning your career means you will maintain employability in, what can be, a volatile market and will always have added skills to showcase on your CV.

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