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At BTG, we place ambitious accountants and finance staff into exciting roles with some of the best employers in the business. We are a niche consultancy operating in the accountancy and finance industry and we recruit for a broad range of roles, including Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, Ledger Managers and Management Accountants.
Our recruitment team is highly experienced and skilled, with strong local market knowledge and excellent client relationships. We possess the skills, drive and know-how to place motivated professionals to advance their careers.
This is what Dan from NSK had to say about the BTG service, after working with Cathal who leads Senior Interim Finance Recruitment:

Dan’s background

“I’ve been at NSK now for around three years. It’s a Japanese-owned bearings manufacturer and a global business with manufacturing operations in 65 locations worldwide and nearly a billion Euros of sales in Europe. I have worked up through the company and was recently promoted to Finance Manager – which brought about immediate recruitment needs, both to backfill my role and to replace two retirees. NSK has an ageing workforce, so is working hard to bring in fresh talent to position it for future business success.”

The BTG Brief

“NSK is a great business to work in and one that promotes internally, particularly within the global finance department. When I got in touch with BTG it was with a difficult brief to recruit an Oracle Implementation contractor. I needed a qualified, experienced and high-calibre candidate that was available quickly and who we could on-board rapidly to really hit the ground running – someone with manufacturing experience and specific knowledge of Oracle, to work on a complex systems integration project. Additionally, I needed that person to be energetic and to be a good fit with the existing finance team.”

What happened when Dan contacted BTG

“I had prior experience of BTG from previous recruitment and had always had a positive experience; the team always understood the brief quickly and seemed to have candidates fresh in their mind. This time I spoke to Cathal, and I didn’t have to go into any great explanatory depth about what we needed – he rapidly picked up and assessed what type of person we were looking for. That level of response and insight made it very easy for me and gave me confidence that I would get the candidate I needed.”

How BTG stood out

“My experience with other recruitment agencies is that they sweep in and immediately want to sell you recruitment packages, rather than genuinely wanting to find you the right person. So BTG really stands out for two reasons – firstly, that they understood the brief and clearly knew their candidates and, secondly, that they clearly wanted to deliver value to our business and had our best interests at heart. It immediately felt as though we were working in partnership.”

“The great service continued. We enjoyed excellent communication from Cathal about the sort of person we wanted but with note of how busy we were at the time. Cathal always kept me updated with progress without hassling me. I really valued having this link and knowing that BTG was progressing with the brief, so I could get on with my day job.”

The shortlist

“We’ve always had good candidates in the past from BTG and this time we had four very promising candidates submitted to us. Some recruiters will just throw a dozen at you and when you review the CVs they simply aren’t suitable. But these four seemed to be carefully selected and they matched the brief. Two candidates particularly stood out and we were able to get them in rapidly for interview. Both were extremely appointable and it was difficult to choose between them – but we did, and successfully appointed our first choice to the role.”

How BTG delivered for NSK

“BTG allowed us to access the job market without having to do anything other than pick up the phone! By using the team, we could access a top quality candidate market without having to go out and look for it ourselves. It meant that BTG were acting like our own extra resource – delivering a skilled service that we don’t have the expertise to do in house.”

What stood out for the client

“Three features of the BTG service stood out for me. Firstly, the quality of the candidates – which was far higher than we’ve received from other agencies in the past, secondly, a real understanding of the brief, and thirdly, the speed of service. We had our candidate in place and the job offer accepted within weeks!

“Working with BTG also gave us the ability to simply say what we needed, and get access to a far wider pool of candidates than we otherwise would be able to access. Our own recruitment net is just local – BTG were able to access a far broader geography of qualified candidates – all with the right skills set, experience and attitude.”

Why would the client recommend BTG?

“I would definitely recommend BTG. As well as the points above, I was delighted by the personal and dedicated service. We had constantly positive experiences with BTG and were so impressed with the quick sourcing of the right candidates, who were always well prepared for interview, and all well suited for the role. Very often it’s difficult to find just one suitable candidate – but with BTG we actually had more than one candidate and struggled to choose between two!”

“Even better, the candidate that we did appoint settled into the role really quickly, bonded with the team and is already delivering exactly what we needed.”

“It’s good to continue to do business with people who provide such a great service, and it will be an easy choice to continue to use BTG. It gives me peace of mind that I don’t have to worry about recruitment in the future.”
At BTG recruitment, we are the experts in accountancy and finance recruitment. If you are a finance manager looking to build an effective, skilled and highly-performing finance team – or a candidate looking to advance your career, please contact us today.

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