6 reasons why your finance career is going nowhere


With recent and up coming technological, political and economic changes, a career in accounting is set to become more and more diverse and opportunities to work for exciting companies are going to soar. But for many accountants, it’s easy to feel like your position and career have gone stagnant. That’s a massive shame and means you may miss out on a lot of what is to come. Here are some of the reasons why your career in finance may not be going where you thought it would.

You’re too comfortable

When you remain in a certain company for a long period it is easy to become used to the day-to-day routine and the colleagues that you bond with along the way. There is nothing wrong with that and it’s great that you feel comfortable in your role. But if you’ve found this post and you feel like your career isn’t progressing quite as you thought, then maybe you have lost sight of other options out there and maybe you are too comfortable. It could be time to remind yourself of other options out there and not be scared of starting with a new set of colleagues and clients.

Your boss doesn’t appreciate your skills

If you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, you need to be a stand-out employee in what you do and if you feel like you’re performing to your best and going above and beyond but still get no recognition, then maybe your boss just doesn’t see what it is that makes you so special. If you think that’s the case, and be honest with yourself here, then you need to either talk to them about it and open up or possibly look at other companies that would appreciate you better and want to help you progress.

You lack the knowledge to take you further

Education doesn’t end once you receive your degree and get your first job. To continuously be able to get promoted or take on more responsibility, you need to be proactive with your education and seek further qualifications. It’s impossible for your employer to expose you to more opportunities and responsibilities if you lack the necessary knowledge.

Lack a trait that will help you progress

This goes beyond getting a new diploma or qualification. This is about being the right sort of individual to be able to progress or be promoted. For example, you may be top of your class and know the ins and outs of corporate finance like the back of your hand, but if you can’t manage people or work well with others or stir passion in your team, you simply won’t be right for the role. But don’t worry, if this is you then there are lots of ways to improve. The best place to start though is to think critically and decide if you lack something, and afterwards, find someone who you feel possesses the traits you don’t and see what they would advise.

You’re not approachable
Everyone loves to work with those who are seen as a team player and who want to benefit the company. In turn when new opportunities arise then you are considered a great choice for the role and get the chance to try new things. But if you don’t join in with this culture or put yourself out there enough, no one is going to know you exist and your managers won’t think that you are the right person to take on more responsibility in the company.

Your company is not ambitious enough

One of the most exciting areas of being an accountant of the future is the ease and accessibility of working with clients all over the globe. In turn, this would allow you to be able to work with a vast array of exciting companies and to travel and work from different locations. However, not all companies are suited to this vision and want to expand or take advantage of new opportunities. So it may be time to break away and find a company more in line with your personal ambitions.

If you’ve read this and think it applies to you and now you think that a new start may be in order, get in contact with us and we can see what opportunities could be available to you in the exciting world of finance.

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