Getting the Best From Your Accountancy and Finance Recruiting Partner in 2022

Recruiting for the accountancy and finance sector is becoming increasingly complex. Talented professionals have more opportunities available to them than ever before, particularly as remote working continues to thrive. At the same time, the “Great Resignation” is placing brands under increasing pressure, with more gaps to fill and more demands from potential candidates. The only […]

How Diverse is Your Finance Team?

Diversity and experiencing inclusion have never been more important to employees within accountancy and finance. Now more than ever, the top talent in your industry wants to work with companies capable of offering diverse, flexible, and empathetic working environments. The concept of D.E.I. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is a major factor in determining which candidates […]

How to Increase Accountancy Staff Retention in Your Manufacturing Organisation

As we are now living in a world that has been changed by the pandemic, your employee retention strategy must be better than ever. A pre-pandemic Retention Report by the Work Institute (2019) found that “one in three workers would voluntarily leave their job by 2023”. And this has only increased due to significant shifts […]

The Ultimate Guide to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

The world of work has changed dramatically in recent years, and the pandemic has heightened awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Recently, there has been an increased realisation from employers that they need to be doing more to promote diversity and inclusion. A recent CIPD survey found that two-fifths of […]

Why Employer Branding is Critical in Our Post-Pandemic World

If you haven’t been giving much thought to your employer branding recently, then now is the time to start. All businesses have an employer brand, whether they actively work on it or not. Your employer brand is the way the world sees you; from your products and services, your mission, your vision, your ethos and […]

7 Common Qualities of High Performing Accountancy and Finance Employees

As an accountancy and finance professional, it’s essential that you hire individuals into your team who will thrive, which in turn allows your business to grow. The ‘right’ hire can make all the difference, just as hiring someone who isn’t exactly what you’re looking for can be harmful to your team and ultimately your success. […]

Strategies to Strengthen Your Accountancy Talent Pipeline This Year

In our post-Covid world, having a strong talent pipeline is more crucial than ever. And the skills shortage that was present in almost every industry pre-Covid is still threatening organisational growth. When you’re recruiting, it’s not about the number of people you can attract to your manufacturing or FMCG organisation; it’s about the quality of […]

Financial Team Dynamics Under Pressure

If there is one thing you can be certain of in today’s business world, it is that nothing stays the same. Which means every day is an adventure in managing change and trying to stay one step ahead. Any accountancy or financial team player needs to be constantly alert to see change. Which is why […]

4 qualities of forward facing financial teams

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where everyone is inspired and energised until the numbers person speaks? Rightly or wrongly, not everyone gets excited by balance sheets and financial projections. In fact, creatives and production personnel may possibly glaze over as soon as the statistics and analytics take centre stage. This is […]

Accountancy and the Science of Influence

What do you know about the Science of Influence? If the answer is “not a lot,” then you need to listen to this as it affects the world of business more than any other and if you’re not armed, you’re vulnerable…. Recruitment and the Science of Influence Accountancy may concern primarily the nuts and bolts […]

The hidden value in using a temporary finance systems expert

Organisations are increasingly moving towards more productivity, efficiency and transparency in their finance processes. Many companies are moving away from manual financial processes to increased automation through the use of analytics software and various cloud-based technology. At the core of this trend is the desire for better quality data which is available on demand to […]

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