Why hire a temp?


It’s a quick fix for a short term problem.

Hiring a temporary worker can give you the support you need to solve a problem which doesn’t require recruiting permanently. For example, a backlog of work, an employee off on sick leave or employees off during holiday periods. A temporary worker can ensure that the workload is still being done without having to go through a long recruitment process and taking on a permanent member of staff who may not necessarily be required in a few months time.

For the benefits of hiring someone with vast experience of different systems, processes, and environments.

Often, temporary workers have worked as a temp in a number of different companies and this has given them the experience of a number of systems and processes. Therefore, when they get into a new job role, they are adept at adapting to new environments, saving you the time of training someone on new systems and working practices. This can be particularly useful when going through a transition period or implementing a new system where a permanent employee is not required, but you need someone with an adaptable set of skills.

The ability to evaluate someone’s skills without the commitment of permanent employment.

There can be a lot of difference between someone’s skillset on their CV, and even during their interview, to the way they actually work. Taking somebody on a temporary basis with a view to go permanent can be the perfect way to test out someone’s working ability without the commitment of making a permanent placement. Once you have worked alongside the candidate for 2-3 months, you can hire them permanently once you’ve tested their true working ability and attitude

You don’t have the responsibility of an employer.

When you take on a temp, they are employed by the agency. This means that you do not have the responsibility of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring them initially, and you are also not responsible for their payroll, expenses, or any other benefits they may be entitled to. This takes a great deal of the workload of recruiting away, and you can rely on the agency to be the one to deal with all of this.

Building an effective relationship with an agency.

Having a good relationship with an agency who truly knows what you want in a candidate can drastically reduce the amount of time and effort you need to put into recruitment. Working closely with an agency that provides a good service and takes the time out to really understand your needs means you can sit back and relax, all the time knowing that you will have a temp arrive the next morning that fits your requirements, both with skillset and personality fit.

You get an employee on a Pay As You Go basis.

With permanent recruitment you have to pay an up front fee, and although there are rebate options available, this is a risk you have to take. When you take someone on a temporary basis, you only pay for the hours worked. This gives you control over how much you pay on a weekly basis without being charged an up front fee.

You can still get through workload while waiting through notice periods.

Although you may be looking for the perfect permanent candidate, the chances are that they are on a notice period. Once you have gone through a one week screening period, a one week interview period and chosen a candidate on a four week notice period, you have a backlog of six weeks of work. Getting a temporary worker in during this time will ensure that the workload is still completed and no backlog is generated for your new employee to start.

Hiring a temp can be a really great way of solving workload problems when you need an extra pair of hands, or give you a much lower risk solution to recruitment. If you are looking to hire a temporary worker then contact BTG on 0161 214 3840 as soon as possible.

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