The (little known) strategy that will secure you your dream accountancy job


The (little known) strategy that will secure you your dream accountancy job

Transcription: [Please excuse any typing errors as this is a direct transcription.]
I’m Matthew Finch, from BTG Recruitment. We’re experts in accounting and finance recruitment. We’ve been recruiting accountants for over 13 years, and my background, I’m a qualified accountant and I’m known as the go to guy for accountants and finance recruitments in the East Midlands.

Accomplishment and Achievements

We’re talking today about how to make your CV stand out so that clients pick up the phone and want to call you in for interview. And also when you’re at interview, that they’re more likely to decide that you’re the right candidate for their role and make you an offer. There’s a very simple thing that we can do to make you stand out at interview and make yourself stand out when you’re submitting your CV, and that is talking about your accomplishments and achievements.

Why would they want to hire me?

I guess that then brings us on to the question of what accomplishments and achievements will cause you to stand out, and to answer that, we need to fundamentally ask ourselves, why do clients hire people. Why do companies hire people? And it’s basically for one of two reasons. It’s either to make the company money, or save the company money. Sales people, they make the company money. Accountants generally, they save money. So when we’re thinking about our accomplishments and achievements, we want to be thinking about the making and saving of money for companies. So your achievements should be ideally where you’ve saved the company money. So whether that’s you implement a new product profitability system or process and we’re talking about how we’ve saved the company X many hundreds of thousands of pounds. A company will instantly see value in that, and that is one way that we can separate ourselves from our peers. And it’s a way as well of a company making assessment of whether you’re actually any good at that particular task or that particular area if you can demonstrate that you’ve either saved or made money when you’ve come to do it.
One of the key things that we can do then, just to summarise, is if we’re looking to separate ourselves from our peers when we’re going either updating our CV, or when we’re at interview, is talking about our accomplishments and achievements in terms of the making and saving of money.
I hope you found this useful, and if you’d like any further advice, career tips, please get in touch with myself or any of the expert team here at BTG and we’re very happy to help. Thank you for your time.
BTG Recruitment are experts in accountancy and finance recruitment, in fact it is the only thing we do. For help and advice on building a credible and effective finance teams or advancing your accountancy career please contact me or one of the expert team here at BTG on 0115 960 7000.

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