The Art of Recruitment


Prior to starting my career as a resourcing manager at BTG Recruitment, I had a successful career as an artist. I started out selling sketches and paintings on Facebook, and as I became more established, my business grew. I started getting approached to create personal and corporate commissions for clients all over the world!
One of the main rewards I took from my job was the satisfaction I gained from seeing my customer’s reaction when receiving their canvas, knowing I had put onto canvas exactly what they had asked for, and gave them exactly what they wanted.

Why recruitment?! I gradually fell out of love with painting, as it turned a glamorous hobby into a chore. I no longer felt the excitement I once had when seeing a blank canvas. It was time for a career change. I had always considered recruitment, but I feared it was a world away from what I was used too. I had never worked in an office, I had never interviewed anyone, or given advice that could affect someone’s career. I even hated talking to people down the phone. How could I ever fit into a recruitment agency.

I was called to an interview with James Torkington and Aaron Drewitt, and once I had met them both I soon realised I had all of the necessary skills, I just needed to adapt them. Before commissioning a painting I had certain questions I would ask, to find out exactly what the customer wanted, “What style of painting?”, “What size?” and “How much?”. I would then tell the customers what possibilities they had. With recruitment it is exactly the same, except I just alter my questions, “What role?”, “What salary?”, “Location?” As long as I am able to extract the right information, I am able to create a masterpiece every time!

Yes, being an artist and being a resourcing consultant may seem worlds apart, but when you take away the suit and the paint splashed overalls, as long as you have a keen eye for detail, ask all the right questions and listen. You can help paint a bright future for anyone.

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