You only get one chance to make a first impression and in the recruitment world this couldn’t be truer.
The first interview is vital for both the prospective employee and employer and a strategy that I have found benefits both sides is our E.P.A.D sessions. With a 100% record of success to date it has set the bar high!  I want to explain what an E.P.A.D is and how it can help.

E.P.A.D – External Pod Assessment Day. At BTG we have fantastic facilities and one of those are our meeting pods; colourful, modern, cool and the home of the E.P.A.D. What we do is simple but effective. We invite our clients to hold a session of timed interviews in our pod normally in the morning where we set up four or five interviews which we time and co-ordinate.

Why is this so successful? Well I believe the key benefits are:

1.The interviews are held on neutral ground so our candidates have been here before and our clients are away from the distractions of their office.

2.The time that it can take to see four or five candidates for a round of first stage interviews can sometimes take a week. The E.P.A.D session takes one morning or 2- 3 hours.

3.We can manage the timing and duration of the interviews, ensuring everyone is treated fairly.

4.The impact of each candidate’s interview is fresh in the clients mind, there are no gaps between interviews and comparisons can be made immediately.

5.The candidates are able to pass their feedback onto us straight away then get on with the rest of their day. This feedback goes straight back to the client and can make the difference.

6.Free tea/coffee and biscuits all round!!

The sessions really are a fantastic way for out clients to get to second stage interview in one morning. The time we save them is incredible. For our candidates we have a 100% success rate with making placements with the E.P.A.D so they are definitely a benefit. Give me a call to arrange one of our E.P.A.D sessions on 0161 214 3840. Hopefully see you soon.

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