5 simple tips that need to go straight in your basket


Quite often I speak to candidates who were promised a promotion, hoping to take a step up from a clerical accounts role into a role with greater technical accounting. Yet 18 months down the line they are still in the same position as when they joined the company.

Why not consider these five simple tips that will make you stand out from the rest and land that promotion you deserve!

Get it right

We know that Purchase Ledger Clerks and Credit Controllers are the foundation of every business; they are critical in the management of money coming in and keeping suppliers happy, and yet these roles are often considered as “mundane”.  This can lead to people making mistakes. So, simply getting your job right first time will get you noticed.  Of course people make mistakes (we are all human!) but by being proactive and focussed you will be known as the department star!

Be Excellent at Excel

Speaking of being pro-active, ensure your Excel skills are up to scratch. I would say 90% of the clients I speak to request an intermediate level as an absolute minimum. There are plenty of online tutorials available online at no cost, it just takes some practice. Once you have mastered a Pivot Table and a V lookup, why not  suggest using these in your current work place – help your boss out with reports by putting to use your excel wizardry.

Go the extra mile!

Go the extra mile; volunteer to help cover for people’s duties when on holiday or sick. This will give you an opportunity to broaden your skills and gain an even better understanding of other areas of the accounts department. Not only will this give you a much greater, more rounded looking CV, but the gesture will certainly get you noticed. Many clients these days expect a degree of flexibility, I speak with clients on a daily basis who tell me how long they have to stay behind at month end. Finishing your daily tasks and taking on extra at busy times will not only allow you to tackle the next day with a fresh start, but clearly demonstrates a serious and professional approach to your work.

Look the part

You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure Zig Ziglar. Not only do you want to demonstrate your ability, you also want to make sure that you look and act the part too. So, if we want to succeed in a professional environment act like a professional. Have a tidy desk, a neat notepad, dress appropriately and if you have to stay late to finish an important task, do it.  It is no secret that managers talk over coffee, they love a good gossip so make sure you are the one who is being spoken of in glowing terms. You never know what openings in the business are around the corner.

Keep Learning

Do you know what happens after you enter an invoice on the system? Do you understand how this affects the accounts? Make an effort to find out what happens next cycle, explore the accounting software you are using and make sure that you understand the process in its entirety. If you struggle with this, ask!  Show your interest in the business and your passion for learning more.  The more you know, the more you will be able to understand all sides of the ledger and you will have the edge when any complex queries arise.


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Written by Sean O’Neill, Recruitment Consultant for BTG Nottingham.

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