Being engaged at work is not the same as being productive

Popular belief says that the happier and more engaged an employee is, the more fulfilled they will feel in their job role and the more productive they’ll be. Companies invest a great deal of time and money trying to understand and define what engages their employees, and how they can use this engagement to develop […]

Restructure = Resignations

Humans are hardwired to be cautious of change. No matter how positively it’s presented and no matter what rewards await. History is littered with examples of people willing to risk their livelihood and even their liberty to actively resist progress. You may not have Luddites in your company, but you will have staff who are […]

Six ways to avoid a finance system implementation meltdown

A constantly evolving IT system is the engine room of all successful companies. Developers bring out new hardware, improved software and vital “patches” with increasing frequency, offering abundant opportunities to update and improve (if funding allows and the business need exists). You could be considering a system changeover if you have found a way to […]